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Curriculum Overview

Most experts will agree that children, especially young children, learn better through play than through highly structured academic activities. We embrace this concept and provide a wide range of hands-on activities and art. Blocks, easel painting, toys, dress-ups, puzzles, math manipulative, sand and water play, games, and role play are available to the children during class time.

Our classes contain three basic educational components each of which are designed to aid in specified developmental areas. During the course of each class, the children will have the opportunity to participate in free choice activities, small group encounters, and whole group teacher-directed experiences. Free choice activities allow for personal interests and self-expression; small group experiences are intended to help develop listening skills and the ability to follow directions, as well as allow practice being part of a large group.

We use High Reach Tender Time in the 2's class, Caterpillar in the 3's, and Butterfly in the Pre-Kindergarten class.
2-year-old program (High Reach Tender Time)
3-year-old program (Caterpillar)
Pre-K/4-year-old program (Butterfly)
Religious Education

We believe that spiritual growth in an integral and inseparable part of a child's well-being. If nurtured properly, this spiritual growth occurs naturally in conjunction with the other aspects of a child's development. Our objective is to provide this spiritual nurturing by way of our day to day actions, speech, and our non-denominational Christian curriculum. We endeavor to show God's love for us by teaching and practicing the "Golden Rule," and we encourage an attitude of thanksgiving for God's gifts by teaching and using simple prayers in class. Scripture verse or Bible thought, age appropriate Bible Stories; Bible related songs and finger plays are included in our weekly activities.

Holiday Celebrations

We celebrate seasonal holidays with stories, games, art projects, food and special guests. On October 31st, we have a Fall Festival. Children may wear costumes that are not frightening during our Parade and Party. We celebrate Christmas as Jesus' Birthday, and Easter as a celebration of His Resurrection. We also celebrate Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day. Every year we are participants in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin. We also introduce and participate in Patriotic holidays and themes at an appropriate age level, including Columbus Day, Presidents Day, Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday, Fourth of July, and we learn to say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing God Bless America.

2-year-old Program

This program is for children 24 months old to 36 months old. To provide individualized attention for each child, the teacher-to-child ratio in the 2-year-old program is 1:6. This allows each group time to receive individual attention as needed.

Children in the 2-year-old programs are exploring the world around them. Goals for this age group fall into four categories: social, emotional, self-help, and developmental/educational. Social and emotional skills include being able to participate in group activities, taking turns, showing respect for others and sharing. Self-help skills include being able to follow simple two-step directions (for example, washing hands and then sitting down at the table), table manners, and toileting. Developmental/ educational goals include manipulation of crayons, paintbrushes, stacking blocks, running, climbing and riding bikes. Children identify basic shapes and colors, count to 20, recite the ABC's and recognize the first letter of their name.

Throughout the day the teachers are modeling behavior for the children to follow. Children learn to use the toilet in a stress-free manner. Each day begins with a circle time gathering, where children greet each other and the day, weather and other significant events are discussed. The monthly letters, colors and shapes are reviewed.

During the day children participate in organized activities (either one-on-one or in small groups). Children enjoy healthy snacks and Gym play time. The day closes with everyone participating in the classroom clean up, then gathering together for circle time that may include stories, music, finger plays and simple games.

Parents receive regular feedback from teachers and aides about class activities and programs, and about how their child is progressing. Parents are encouraged to meet with teachers and staff to discuss any issue.

3-year-old program

Children in our 3-year-old program are actively involved in meeting new friends and discovering the world around them. They learn basic social and emotional self-help skills and beginning academic skills.

Our curriculum is thematically oriented with projects encompassing each special theme. Toilet training is available for children who are completing this transition. All parents are encouraged to visit the classrooms and teachers throughout the school year, to review their child's progress and to learn more about the school's programs.

Art facilitates discovery of one's unique creativity, using numerous art media in fun and exciting ways. Music & Creative Dramatics encourages the pure joy of music. Computers in the computer lab offer software programs that that are specially designed to support and enhance the preschool core curriculum. Geography, History, & Social Studies use hands-on experiences to familiarize children with differences in families, geographic locations and cultural heritage. Blocks & Various Related Toys enhance imaginative play, math development and coordination. Housekeeping Materials, Dress-up Clothing, and Furnishings foster learning of everyday living skills, role playing, cooperation and language development. Cooking Experiences teach how to follow recipes, helping with math and science concepts, and educate children about health and nutritional values. Stories and Sharing Experiences encourage language development through story dictation and discussions, and foster a love of literature.

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program reflects the belief that children are active learners. They build meaning and understanding through full participation in their environments.This child-centered program combines high expectations for each child with respect for individual development. We have a few class traditions:

Each child in our class will be chosen to be Star Student for one whole week. They will have an opportunity to take home a friendly stuffed animal, fluffy, and a journal for the weekend. You can write down in the journal the things you and your child did with Fluffy each day, real or imagined. Then, the journal and Fluffy are brought back on Monday to kick off your child's special week. The Star of the Week shares what was written in the journal, as well as a poster board made at home with pictures and lists of their favorite things. The poster is kept at school until Graduation to be on display.
Each week, there will be one letter that the children will be focusing on learning about. Bring in one item from home per week for sharing that begins with the Letter of the Week. Your child will have a specific day of the week that they will be sharing during circle time.
Homework typically consists of a page of letters or numbers or lines and shapes with your child's name printed on it four times. At first, your child will trace over their name; then, they will trace once and write their name on their own once; finally, they will be able to write their names on their own before starting Kindergarten in the fall.
We have scheduled field trips to G & M Farms Pumpkin Patch in Livermore as well as Round Table Pizza in Downtown Pleasanton.
All Kinder Ready children will be graduation in early June. The ceremony is open to all friends and family members to come and celebrate the children's skills and knowledge they have gained while at our school. The ceremony is about 45 to 60 minutes and is followed by a pot luck.
Sample Kindergarten Readiness Test (administered by teacher)

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

Child’s Name ____________ Date __________ Staff Member ______________

  • Knows first and last name Yes _____ No _____
  • Writes first name Yes _____ No _____
  • Uses correct pencil grip Yes _____ No _____
  • Identifies colors Red _____ Blue _____ Yellow _____ Orange _____ Purple _____ Brown _____ Black _____ White _____ Pink _____
  • Cuts with scissors:Easily _____ With some difficulty _____ With difficulty _____
  • Identifies shapes Circle _____ Square _____ Triangle _____ Rectangle _____ Oval _____ Diamond _____
  • Counts by memory to _____ (by ones)
  • Identifies numerals 0-10 in random order _____
  • Using manipulations is able to make a set of 5 Yes _____ No _____
  • Is able to counts each object once (one to one correspondence to 10) Yes _____ No _____
  • Can identify upper case letters _____ out of 26
  • Can identify lower case letters _____ out of 26
  • Can identify letter sounds _____ out of 26
  • Can sit still for story time Yes _____ No _____
  • Knows home phone number Yes _____ No _____
  • Knows home address Yes _____ No _____
  • Knows immediate family members by first name Yes _____ No _____

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